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I Did Not Die

Posted by Dug on May 27, 2016

I just forgot about this damn blog. Life happens. I am still a raging liberal. 9 years older. Got grandkids now. A new wife. New life and I live in Texas of all the conservative places I could have landed. Fuck me.


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Posted by Dug on December 27, 2006

Jonathan, where do you get these ideas? Is there no end to the shit you will shovel?

Lets begin, shall we?

Um, so generals like Abizaid and Powell are idiots? Ostensibly because they DON”T agree with Bush on how to run the war of George Bush.

    President Bush should listen to the generals, especially the ones who can see through the media spin and enemy propaganda and know what is really happening. Generals like Lt. General Mattis.

Not that the administration has lied to us continuously. (For tight-assed WingNuts, this is sarcasm.)

    The news media has a problem: they have become, almost completely, the mouthpiece of our enemy. Because they distrust the news coming from official military channels and trust in the stringers, they are acting on behalf of our enemy.

See previous comment.

Blind faith is dangerous, Jonathan. You are on unstable ground. Not to mention your unstable mind.

    You cannot, therefore, trust the media to be balanced.

Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. Minimizing the injury, death and devastation that is a daily part of life in Iraq is a fucking crime. You want to compare this to “the local mass murderer and street gangs”? Have you lost the last of your semi-functioning brain cells?

    My opinion on the war is that Lt. General Mattis is correct. This is not a dangerous place with occasional fits of peace. It is a peaceful place with occasional fits of violence, violence that is not much different than the local mass murderer doing his thing or a street gang doing theirs. It is almost becoming a curious thing for Iraqis to actually see the effects of this violence, as rare over there as mass murderers and street gang shootings are here.

My goodness Jonathan. Incidents of violence are at their highest levels, Deaths of US service personnel are continuing to rise. How big of lie will you tell before you reach your limit?

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Posted by Dug on December 27, 2006

Our friend, Jonthan, wrote this beauty of an insane diatribe several days ago. I just can’t get it out of my head. I can’t let it go that he wants to eliminate vocal opposition to the war of George W. Bush. He not only believes that I am an appeaser who is morally and intellectually confused, but he believes that I should be tried (fairly) and then hung for expressing my thoughts and opinions. Sounds an awful lot like “Bring the guilty bastard in here, we’ll give him a fair trial”.

Over at effinunsound, “TheHim” has beaten Jonathan to a pulp with his response. What I would like to do is to make my case to be the first to be tried and hung for the high crimes and treason that Jonathan feels so strongly about.

Rather than get all wordy, I have decided to just make a list of simple statements outlining my problems with George Bush’s war in Iraq.

1. George Bush is incompetent. (I love that I live in America and can say this without fear. However in the world of the Federal Way Conservative, this statement should be good for 25 to life.)

2. I believe our troops and all support personnel should be re deployed back to the United States. In a not so timely manner! I mean now! Yesterday!

3. I no longer have the stomach to watch the death toll of American soldiers rise for absolutely no discernable cause, other than the ego of the POTUS.

4. I believe the POTUS lied to the American public about the existence of WMD in Iraq.

5. I believe this administration embarked on a deliberate campaign to mislead the public and lied about the connection/link between the terrorists and 9/11.

6. I believe this POTUS is an immoral man, who uses the reference of Christian belief to justify his actions. He is lying to the American Public and to himself. (Surely if there is a God, this will not sit well with Him.)

7. I believe that this POTUS has continually put the quest to remain in power ahead of his sworn duty to defend the Constitution of The United States. Thereby committing an impeachable offense.

    Note: I am not advocating the impeachment of this POTUS, I am simply pointing out that he ignores the parts of the Constitution of The United States that he has no use for, and, violates those sections he disagrees with. This is not being accused of getting a blow-job in the Oval Office. This is committing a real crime against America.

There is no longer any need to continue this war of George Bush. This struggle can not be won. It is time to get out, allow the Iraqi people to control their own destiny. Should the country implode, so be it. There will be animosity and hate until the Sunni, Kurd and Shiite factions are left to work out their differences without outside interference. If outside help is needed, let it come from those nations who are closest in ideology and proximity. And not a country from half a world away.

Jonathan, I am prepared to surrender to the authorities at a time and place of their choosing. I will face trial wishing only that I had spoken out sooner, louder and longer. As long as you keep posting this kind of totally inane ideas, thoughts garbage I will keep speaking out against you. I will mock your every word. What I will not do is lay down and remain silent while the country that I love continues its slide down a slope to hell that is paved with ice and oil.

You can kiss my Jewish ass too!

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Posted by Dug on December 21, 2006

virgil.jpg Sometimes you don’t need anything but the other guys words. In this case the above named Congressman put it in writing. The Roanoke Times editorial says it best.

Here is the offensive, ignorant, cretinous letter from Rep. Goode.

The letter was sent to a constituent in response to an email.

December 7, 2006 Dear . . . Thank you for your recent communication. When I raise my hand to take the oath on Swearing In Day, I will have the Bible in my other hand. I do not subscribe to using the Koran in any way. The Muslim Representative from Minnesota was elected by the voters of that district and if American citizens don’t wake up and adopt the Virgil Goode position on immigration there will likely be many more Muslims elected to office and demanding the use of the Koran. We need to stop illegal immigration totally and reduce legal immigration and end the diversity visas policy pushed hard by President Clinton and allowing many persons from the Middle East to come to this country. I fear that in the next century we will have many more Muslims in the United States if we do not adopt the strict immigration policies that I believe are necessary to preserve the values and beliefs traditional to the United States of America and to prevent our resources from being swamped. The Ten Commandments and “In God We Trust” are on the wall in my office. A Muslim student came by the office and asked why I did not have anything on my wall about the Koran. My response was clear, “As long as I have the honor of representing the citizens of the 5th District of Virginia in the United States House of Representatives, The Koran is not going to be on the wall of my office.” Thank you again for your email and thoughts. Sincerely yours,

Virgil H. Goode, Jr.
70 East Court Street
Suite 215
Rocky Mount, Virginia 24151

OK, I have to take one shot. This ignorant moe-ron is a poster child for exactly what is wrong with the conservative side. Preaching hatred and fear. You would think that after the last election they would have learned. My better half hates when I use the term “dumb southern asshole”, but this time it fits. This asshole not only gives the wrong impression of southerners, but of Americans in general.

Recall anyone?

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Posted by Dug on December 21, 2006

How long before George Bush loses what is left of his mind and straps his ass into one of those fighter jets he used to pilot and attempts to win the war on his own?

Anyone else notice that price of gas has steadily risen since the election?

Curious that Mr. Bush announces plans to increase the size of the military and a surge in troop levels in Iraq and immediately General Abizaid’s retirement is announced. Is he leaving as a matter of principle or is he being forced out?

OK, I have to ask: Monica Lewinsky graduated from business school in the United Kingdom this past week. Did she graduate Magna Cum Laude? (Someone please explain the humor to our tight-ass conservative friends.)

Mission Accomplished?

Daddy Bush and Tara Conner’s new duet, “Cry Me a River”, is due out soon.

My heart aches for the families of the climbers on Mount Hood. The children of James Kim will understand someday just how much their father loved them.

Have you shared your good fortune with someone less fortunate this year?

Question for retailers: Next year, will you start the Christmas hype during Labor Day weekend?

I may take a few days off from regular posting to enjoy the Holiday Season with my family. Here is wishing that all your needs are met and that your wants are few in the new year.

Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas!!

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Posted by Dug on December 19, 2006

The Washington Post is reporting that Bush wants to increase the size of the military “to meet the challenges of a long-term global war against terrorists…”. The article goes on to say that our military leaders are concerned that the forces we have are stretched too thin right now.

How much more will we be expected to swallow of this president’s bullshit? If we are stretched thin right now, what happens if Korea or Iran or China decide that now is the time to battle the America? We don’t have enough troops to protect our mainland and we will be forced to use, or threaten to use, nuclear weapons. All of our technology advantage is negated by the sheer volume of forces we would be up against.

It will take years according the article to raise troop levels. Do we have years? Or has this president proven to the world that we have no clue when it comes to war?

The time has come for the new Congress to examine the funding for this ill conceived venture and to tell the president something he needed to hear a long time ago……NO MORE!

I will have more on this issue later, but I wanted (egotistically, according to George Will) something up now.

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Posted by Dug on December 19, 2006

Lyrics for: Bring The Boys Home

Amazon has a snippet that you can listen to here.

Fathers are pleading, lovers are all alone
Mothers are prayin’, send our sons back home (tell ’em ’bout it)
You marched them away, yes you did now, on ships and planes
To a senseless war facing death in vain

Bring the boys home (bring ’em back alive)
Bring the boys home (bring ’em back alive)
Bring the boys home (bring ’em back alive)
Bring the boys home (bring ’em back alive)
(Why don’t you) Turn the ships around
(Everybody oughta) Lay your weapons down

Can’t you see ’em marchin’ ‘cross the sky?
All the soldiers that have died
Tryin’ to get home
Can’t you see them tryin’ to get home?
Tryin’ to get home
They’re tryin’ to get home

Cease all fire (tell ’em ’bout it) on the battlefield
Enough men have already been wounded and killed

Bring the boys home (bring ’em back alive)
Bring the boys home (bring ’em back alive)
Bring the boys home (bring ’em back alive)
Bring the boys home (bring ’em back alive)
(Why don’t you) Turn the ships around
(Everybody oughta) Lay your weapons down
(Mothers, fathers, and lovers, can’t you see them?)

Tryin’ to get home
Can’t you see them tryin’ to get home?
(Have mercy)
Tryin’ to get home
Tryin’ to get home

Bring the boys home (bring ’em back alive)
Bring the boys home (bring ’em back alive)
Bring the boys home (bring ’em back alive)
Bring the boys home (bring ’em back alive)

What they doin’ over there now (bring ’em back alive)
When we need ’em over here now? (bring ’em back alive)
What they doin’ over there now (bring ’em back alive)
When we need ’em over here now? (bring ’em back alive)
Bring ’em all, bring ’em all home (bring ’em back alive)
Bring ’em all, bring ’em home now (bring ’em back alive)

Bring The Boys Home by Freda Payne

Album: Contact
Date: 1971

This was written during the war in Vietnam. It is protesting to stop the war and return home the young men who were sent to fight.
Although this received a lot of airplay in the States, it was banned by the US Command from the American Forces Network for fear that it would “give aid and comfort to the enemy.”
This song was not included in the first 50,000 copies of Contact. It was added onto the album when it became a hit.
This was Freda Payne’s second gold record. Her first was ” Band Of Gold.”

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Posted by Dug on December 17, 2006

This is one of those those things that are just too good to pass up. George Will calling bloggers narcissisistic is a perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black.

He asks why should anyone care about what bloggers write? Well his problem is that the vast majority of the good bloggers are liberal and he isn’t. I am sure it is not lost on him the growing power of blogs, both as news sources and sounding boards. My little blog is hardly read. I don’t care if anyone reads it. I am expressing myself, and I would hope, creatively.

I am not writing for Time, Newsweek or the Washington Post. Nor am I appearing on national TV, George. I just write for the joy it brings me. I don’t write to impress some high-brow friends, or to the be the hit of the next insiders party. I write for the pleasure of expressing myself. If you don’t like it George, well then…….

Fuck you!

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Posted by Dug on December 17, 2006

Rep. Charles B. Rangel (D-N.Y.), the second-most senior member of the Congressional Black Caucus has the quote of the decade. Rep. Rangel was interviewed on New York Public Television WLIW21 last Monday night and asked for his quick reaction to various people. The first name up was George Bush.

“Well,” Rangel said. “I really think that he shatters the myth of white supremacy once and for all; it shows that, in this great country, anybody can become president.”

Here is what scares me about Jonathan over at the Federal Way Conservative: This quote will give him hope.

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Posted by Dug on December 17, 2006

I woke up and decided to see what the other side was talking about today. Like a bee to pollen, I was drawn to the blog of the Federal Way Conservative. There, I found this insanity laden jumble of words.

I am going to cherry pick the highlights low lights and rip his ass just because he so richly deserves it. (Not to mention he won’t publish the comments I leave on his blog. Even when I don’t use the fuck word).

Here we go. The only absolute here is that Jonathan likes to ramble. On and on and on and on. I am so thankful that we have Jonathan to explain things to us.

    This argument is lost on moral relativists. If you believe that some things are good sometimes and for some people, but not for others, then you have no foundation for logical debate about morality at all. Nothing is moral, as well as everything in your universe. There is no good nor evil, no happiness or sadness, no sweet or bitter. There is nothing but gray for you.
    For those of us who believe in absolute good and absolute evil, and understand that they are exactly opposite of one another (what relativists mock as “black-and-white”), then you can understand what I am about to explain.

This is profound.

    There exists in this world good things and evil things. Evil rears its ugly head in active opposition to good, as well as good to evil. Good is life. Evil is death.

Comparison with World War II? Well we do have a running start on WW III with the Iraq war, North Korea is making sabre rattling a new art form and Iran wants to have nuclear capability. What the fuck, lets just “exterminate” all of them.

    In Iran, we are faced with bitter evil, and evil which we thought we had exterminated in World War II. Again, we see a leader who is militarizing their country in preparation for a war, a war whose only purpose would be to destroy good people. (If there is any doubt in your mind that Israel is good, you have been fed propaganda. I encourage you to seek the other side of the story and to re-evaluate your conclusion.)

If I lived next door to this moral maniac, there is no doubt in my mind he would find it perfectly acceptable to kill me. I don’t agree with him, therefore I am evil, ergo I need to be exterminated. (Does my being Jewish help my cause, since he is a friend of Israel?)

    First, should we stop such evil? Is it a good action to cause Iran to give up its hopes of wiping Israel off the map? Of course it is. Allowing good people to live their lives in peace is a good goal. Preventing evil people from causing death and destruction is also a good goal.

    Now the question is, to what lengths should we go to stop evil? Would you be willing to kill an evil person to stop that person? The answer here is obvious: Of course, as a last resort. Something in the back of our heads makes us answer a critical question before we decide that death is the path to peace. We must affirm for ourselves that there is no other way but this way, and that the person we are sending out of this world is indeed truly, irrecoverably evil.

I have never seen anyone justify the killing of innocents in such a matter of fact manner and with such eloquence pompous arrogance. Justifying with “give and takes”? The end justifies the means? Or in this case, the means justifying the end. Honestly Jonathan, do you think before you spew this shit, or does the crack just take over?

    One final question: Is it right to unintentionally kill innocent people, people who may be very good people, in our quest to kill the evil person? This is the moral dilemma. Of course it is wrong to kill innocent people. But it is so good to kill an evil person who is otherwise unstoppable. We can justify our actions through a number of give-and-takes.

    Maybe, we can reason, the evil person if left unstopped would have killed the innocent person anyway. In that way, the result of either action would have been the death of the innocent. In this case, we can logically reason that either death (unintentionally killing versus the evil one intentionally killing) is roughly equal, so the good of having the evil person dead means killing is ok.

Does this guys wife know this is how his mind works?

    Maybe, we can reason, their deaths are not as important as the deaths of the evil ones. In this case, we have to come to the conclusion that having both dead is better than having both alive.

Jonathan, you might want to keep this paragraph in mind as you draw your last breath.

    It is a difficult choice to make when you are weighing the scales with human lives. We know that life is more valuable than the entirety of material riches. However, it is an important one that must be weighed. We will certainly be held accountable for our choices in the eternities. God gave us a brain and reason so that we could weigh these difficult decisions. He will certainly ask us for a reckoning of why we did what we did.

I get it, we kill ’em but blame the other guy at the final reckoning. Interesting. Seems evil to me.

    In my mind, most of the innocent casualties of war are justified with the second option. If the evil person had simply decided that war was not worth their pursuit of madness, the war would not have occurred and so many innocents would not have been killed in the waging of it. They had the choice, and they chose death. But I believe the other two offer additional consolation, but their immeasurability makes it vague.

But Jonathan has no problem sending others to die for his good. It is ironic that this motherfucker does not see the evil in this.

    I am no fan of war. I am not like Patton, eagerly hoping for more wars to fight because I love fighting wars. I do have a boyish curiosity of real war, but my mind has convinced me that it is an absolutely terrifying and horrific thing that I should thank God I do not have to participate in.

And finally this. Here Jonathan proves his true intellectual bankruptcy.

    When a society is pressed into war, war must be fought, and it must be fought with the same spirit that WWI and WWII was fought–as a war to end all wars because after this there would be no enemy who dared to fight one again. If we are going to fight a war, and that means we have decided the cost in innocent lives is worth it, then we must fight to finality, to victory, to grind our enemies into a powder that can never be reconstituted again. That is why I had a party when Zarqawi was killed. He ain’t coming back.

Jonathan, this is why Republicans were tossed from power. War is to be used as sparingly as possible, only as a last resort and then only as a defensive measure. We are not a protagonist society (or at least we shouldn’t be).

For a man who admits to never having seen battle or death, you sure have a cavalier attitude about war. You are a demented individual who has earned every bit of the mocking you have been subjected to. You are a sick son-of-a-bitch.

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