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Post Number 1

Posted by Dug on December 12, 2006

Anouncing my new blog. Here I will place my thoughts and opinions. I will make the rules. I will try not to censor the comments (if there are any) but I don’t suffer fools and/or idiots gladly. Make a stupid comment and you will get your ass kicked.

I have cardiomyopathy and the outlook is worsening. It is just a fact. Don’t feel sorry for me, just understand that I value my time here and will be brutally honest. In a way, this disease has set me free. I am no longer terrified of dying, rather, I am just not looking forward to it. There are not many more meds for me to take and I am undecided at this time about allowing a heart transplant.

Anyway, this is it. My new blog. Happy reading.


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  1. My Left Foot said

    Comments enabled.

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