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Jonathan IS AT IT AGAIN? I am getting such a headache.

Posted by Dug on December 14, 2006

This is very interesting. The Mark Foley scandal is the Democrats fault. Wow! Jonathan has posted another of his amazing works blaming Democrats for the downfall of the Republican party. I am going to leave out how the report he cites also blames Republicans because they were afraid of scandal. I am also not going to point out how politics is a dirty game and holding damaging information until it will benefit you the most (again, there is no proof that Democrats did this, though there is plenty to prove Republicans minimized the issue) is a trick Democrats learned from Republicans. Don’t cry when your tactics are used against you.

    Democrats to blame for Foley Scandal

    Rush was right. Yet again, he called it. The Democrats are responsible for the Mark Foley scandal because rather than reporting his misbehavior to the authorities, they sat on it until they could get it published for maximum damage.

    Had they done the right thing and reported Mark Foley’s behavior, this would have never been blown out of proportion. Yet they did not, and so they are to blame.

    Read more.

    By the way, those of you who believed democrats knew nothing about this until September 2006, you were lied to–by democrats.

    Reason #7,594,325 to never vote democrat again: They value politics over pages.

The Republican leadership did nothing. They are to blame. They controlled congress, though that is ending early next month, and they were desperate to stay in power.

Those of you who believe Jonathan’s angle here, are just as ill informed as he is.

I only need ONE reason to never vote Republican again (actually, I never have): George W. Bush.


2 Responses to “Jonathan IS AT IT AGAIN? I am getting such a headache.”

  1. When Republican leadership found out about the Foley Scandal (the democrats had kept them in the dark), they did the right thing: open an investigation (which just completed) and asked him to resign. No republican defended Foley’s actions nor did they try to justify it.

    What more can you ask of the Republican leadership?

  2. My Left Foot said


    I think you are forgetting that Republican leadership was told over a year ago about Foley’s “activities”. Boehmer and Hasstert both knew. If you honestly believe that their respective chief’of staffs did not tell them, well you might want to stop the medication and then revist the issue.

    This was a KNOWN Republican problem. It is just one of the many examples of where staying in power was more important than doing the right thing.

    What more can I ask of the Republican party? I would ask them to act in the best interests of the country, I would ask the president to bend to the will of the people. After all, that is his job.

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