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Posted by Dug on December 16, 2006

I am completely, totally, unequivocally and unabashedly anti-death penalty. There, I said it. I am out in the open. My wife is gritting her teeth, we don’t agree. She can write a comment or a post in opposition if she chooses. She is still wrong for supporting the death penalty, but she can post away.

My reasoning includes:

1. Disproportionate administration of the death penalty. This means that more people of color are on death row than whites.

2. A person of color is more likely to be given the death penalty if he/she kills a Caucasian rather than another person of color. A Caucasian is also more likely to receive the death penalty for killing another Caucasian than he would be for killing a person of color.

3. The death penalty has never been shown to conclusively deter crime of any kind.

4. There seems to be no way to administer the death penalty without causing pain that reaches the “cruel and unusual” standard. To wit, even presidential brother Jeb Bush was forced today to suspend the death penalty in the killing ground of Florida. (See, I did not use the “activist judge” in California who ordered a stop the death penalty there to bolster my argument. I used the actions of a known Republican).

5. We are the last country in the western civilized world to impose the death penalty.

Now my reasoned and emotional argument.

Taking a human life is the ultimate act. Conviction based on circumstantial is faulty. Just because it looks like someone did it, does not mean that there is not equally persuasive opposite conclusion to be made from the same set of circumstances.

Eyewitness you say? Well, everyday thousands of car accidents occur. Everyday several people see these accidents. Every accident file has witness statements that conflict. Car color is wrong, direction traveling, signage, etc..etc…

Police lie, prosecutors lie, witnesses lie, defendants lie, attorneys lie. All in the name of the law. How can we put the life of anyone in the hands of all these liars? Each one has a clear agenda of their own. Evidence is hidden. Exculpatory evidence is buried. The games attorneys play are truly endless. Again, in the name of the law and in the name of justice.

The system is not perfect, it is not always fair. This is why we must abolish the death penalty. We can not take a life when the system that convicts and sentences is not perfect. We should err on the side of life.

A death penalty can not be undone. It serves absolutely no social purpose. It benefits, in my mind, no one. It does not give closure to the victims family. It does not bring the victim back. It serves only to quench our thirst for vengeance. It is the last vestige of our “old west” mentality.

It is time to put away the hangman’s noose. It is time to recognize the fallibility of our legal system and to eliminate sanctioned state killing.

It is the right the thing to do.

Author Scott Turow’s book “Ultimate Punishment” is a must read for both sides of this issue.


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