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Posted by Dug on December 27, 2006

Jonathan, where do you get these ideas? Is there no end to the shit you will shovel?

Lets begin, shall we?

Um, so generals like Abizaid and Powell are idiots? Ostensibly because they DON”T agree with Bush on how to run the war of George Bush.

    President Bush should listen to the generals, especially the ones who can see through the media spin and enemy propaganda and know what is really happening. Generals like Lt. General Mattis.

Not that the administration has lied to us continuously. (For tight-assed WingNuts, this is sarcasm.)

    The news media has a problem: they have become, almost completely, the mouthpiece of our enemy. Because they distrust the news coming from official military channels and trust in the stringers, they are acting on behalf of our enemy.

See previous comment.

Blind faith is dangerous, Jonathan. You are on unstable ground. Not to mention your unstable mind.

    You cannot, therefore, trust the media to be balanced.

Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. Minimizing the injury, death and devastation that is a daily part of life in Iraq is a fucking crime. You want to compare this to “the local mass murderer and street gangs”? Have you lost the last of your semi-functioning brain cells?

    My opinion on the war is that Lt. General Mattis is correct. This is not a dangerous place with occasional fits of peace. It is a peaceful place with occasional fits of violence, violence that is not much different than the local mass murderer doing his thing or a street gang doing theirs. It is almost becoming a curious thing for Iraqis to actually see the effects of this violence, as rare over there as mass murderers and street gang shootings are here.

My goodness Jonathan. Incidents of violence are at their highest levels, Deaths of US service personnel are continuing to rise. How big of lie will you tell before you reach your limit?


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