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Posted by Dug on December 27, 2006

Our friend, Jonthan, wrote this beauty of an insane diatribe several days ago. I just can’t get it out of my head. I can’t let it go that he wants to eliminate vocal opposition to the war of George W. Bush. He not only believes that I am an appeaser who is morally and intellectually confused, but he believes that I should be tried (fairly) and then hung for expressing my thoughts and opinions. Sounds an awful lot like “Bring the guilty bastard in here, we’ll give him a fair trial”.

Over at effinunsound, “TheHim” has beaten Jonathan to a pulp with his response. What I would like to do is to make my case to be the first to be tried and hung for the high crimes and treason that Jonathan feels so strongly about.

Rather than get all wordy, I have decided to just make a list of simple statements outlining my problems with George Bush’s war in Iraq.

1. George Bush is incompetent. (I love that I live in America and can say this without fear. However in the world of the Federal Way Conservative, this statement should be good for 25 to life.)

2. I believe our troops and all support personnel should be re deployed back to the United States. In a not so timely manner! I mean now! Yesterday!

3. I no longer have the stomach to watch the death toll of American soldiers rise for absolutely no discernable cause, other than the ego of the POTUS.

4. I believe the POTUS lied to the American public about the existence of WMD in Iraq.

5. I believe this administration embarked on a deliberate campaign to mislead the public and lied about the connection/link between the terrorists and 9/11.

6. I believe this POTUS is an immoral man, who uses the reference of Christian belief to justify his actions. He is lying to the American Public and to himself. (Surely if there is a God, this will not sit well with Him.)

7. I believe that this POTUS has continually put the quest to remain in power ahead of his sworn duty to defend the Constitution of The United States. Thereby committing an impeachable offense.

    Note: I am not advocating the impeachment of this POTUS, I am simply pointing out that he ignores the parts of the Constitution of The United States that he has no use for, and, violates those sections he disagrees with. This is not being accused of getting a blow-job in the Oval Office. This is committing a real crime against America.

There is no longer any need to continue this war of George Bush. This struggle can not be won. It is time to get out, allow the Iraqi people to control their own destiny. Should the country implode, so be it. There will be animosity and hate until the Sunni, Kurd and Shiite factions are left to work out their differences without outside interference. If outside help is needed, let it come from those nations who are closest in ideology and proximity. And not a country from half a world away.

Jonathan, I am prepared to surrender to the authorities at a time and place of their choosing. I will face trial wishing only that I had spoken out sooner, louder and longer. As long as you keep posting this kind of totally inane ideas, thoughts garbage I will keep speaking out against you. I will mock your every word. What I will not do is lay down and remain silent while the country that I love continues its slide down a slope to hell that is paved with ice and oil.

You can kiss my Jewish ass too!


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