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Posted by Dug on December 15, 2006

rutroh1.jpgIf you have electricity here is your chance to tell of your experience in “The Great Windstorm of 2006”.

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Posted by Dug on December 15, 2006

From the AP

KIRKLAND, Wash. – A deputy investigating neighbors’ latest complaint that a reclusive homeowner fed rats and didn’t take out the garbage found a decomposing body in the home with rats feeding on it.

Health officials believe the body found Monday is that of the house’s resident, Thomas H. Stone, 67, though the medical examiner’s office hadn’t confirmed his identity as of Thursday.

“In the end, he wouldn’t even take out the garbage,” said Tom Ellis, a neighbor. “It looks like he never took down the Christmas decorations from when his mother died in 1999. It was all very Edgar Allan Poe-ish.”

I am going to go shower now. I swear something crawled across my foot while I read this.

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