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Posted by Dug on December 15, 2006

We all got spoiled by the Mariners success of some years ago. However it seems we are now back to the beginning. Returning to the years of an empty stadium and losing teams.

What is the problem? Actually that is very easy to explain. The problem is management believes that simply interchanging players of similar skill level they can fool the fan base into believing they are improving the team. In addition, management also believes that Safeco Field, with its $5 hotdogs, $9 beers and $25 parking, is the star of the show. They could not be any more mistaken. Those of us who follow baseball, well, we are not fooled.

I guess it will take a season of half empty seats, falling concession sales, and falling TV rating for them to get it. In business sales and location fixes everything. In baseball you must have a winning team to generate sales. They have the dream location that they begged for. Now give us a competitive team, with players we can identify and invest in.

Mr. Lincoln, if you give us a winner, we will come.


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