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Posted by Dug on December 16, 2006

I am completely, totally, unequivocally and unabashedly anti-death penalty. There, I said it. I am out in the open. My wife is gritting her teeth, we don’t agree. She can write a comment or a post in opposition if she chooses. She is still wrong for supporting the death penalty, but she can post away.

My reasoning includes:

1. Disproportionate administration of the death penalty. This means that more people of color are on death row than whites.

2. A person of color is more likely to be given the death penalty if he/she kills a Caucasian rather than another person of color. A Caucasian is also more likely to receive the death penalty for killing another Caucasian than he would be for killing a person of color.

3. The death penalty has never been shown to conclusively deter crime of any kind.

4. There seems to be no way to administer the death penalty without causing pain that reaches the “cruel and unusual” standard. To wit, even presidential brother Jeb Bush was forced today to suspend the death penalty in the killing ground of Florida. (See, I did not use the “activist judge” in California who ordered a stop the death penalty there to bolster my argument. I used the actions of a known Republican).

5. We are the last country in the western civilized world to impose the death penalty.

Now my reasoned and emotional argument.

Taking a human life is the ultimate act. Conviction based on circumstantial is faulty. Just because it looks like someone did it, does not mean that there is not equally persuasive opposite conclusion to be made from the same set of circumstances.

Eyewitness you say? Well, everyday thousands of car accidents occur. Everyday several people see these accidents. Every accident file has witness statements that conflict. Car color is wrong, direction traveling, signage, etc..etc…

Police lie, prosecutors lie, witnesses lie, defendants lie, attorneys lie. All in the name of the law. How can we put the life of anyone in the hands of all these liars? Each one has a clear agenda of their own. Evidence is hidden. Exculpatory evidence is buried. The games attorneys play are truly endless. Again, in the name of the law and in the name of justice.

The system is not perfect, it is not always fair. This is why we must abolish the death penalty. We can not take a life when the system that convicts and sentences is not perfect. We should err on the side of life.

A death penalty can not be undone. It serves absolutely no social purpose. It benefits, in my mind, no one. It does not give closure to the victims family. It does not bring the victim back. It serves only to quench our thirst for vengeance. It is the last vestige of our “old west” mentality.

It is time to put away the hangman’s noose. It is time to recognize the fallibility of our legal system and to eliminate sanctioned state killing.

It is the right the thing to do.

Author Scott Turow’s book “Ultimate Punishment” is a must read for both sides of this issue.


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Posted by Dug on December 15, 2006

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Posted by Dug on December 15, 2006

rutroh1.jpgIf you have electricity here is your chance to tell of your experience in “The Great Windstorm of 2006”.

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Posted by Dug on December 15, 2006

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Posted by Dug on December 15, 2006

From the AP

KIRKLAND, Wash. – A deputy investigating neighbors’ latest complaint that a reclusive homeowner fed rats and didn’t take out the garbage found a decomposing body in the home with rats feeding on it.

Health officials believe the body found Monday is that of the house’s resident, Thomas H. Stone, 67, though the medical examiner’s office hadn’t confirmed his identity as of Thursday.

“In the end, he wouldn’t even take out the garbage,” said Tom Ellis, a neighbor. “It looks like he never took down the Christmas decorations from when his mother died in 1999. It was all very Edgar Allan Poe-ish.”

I am going to go shower now. I swear something crawled across my foot while I read this.

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Posted by Dug on December 15, 2006

We all got spoiled by the Mariners success of some years ago. However it seems we are now back to the beginning. Returning to the years of an empty stadium and losing teams.

What is the problem? Actually that is very easy to explain. The problem is management believes that simply interchanging players of similar skill level they can fool the fan base into believing they are improving the team. In addition, management also believes that Safeco Field, with its $5 hotdogs, $9 beers and $25 parking, is the star of the show. They could not be any more mistaken. Those of us who follow baseball, well, we are not fooled.

I guess it will take a season of half empty seats, falling concession sales, and falling TV rating for them to get it. In business sales and location fixes everything. In baseball you must have a winning team to generate sales. They have the dream location that they begged for. Now give us a competitive team, with players we can identify and invest in.

Mr. Lincoln, if you give us a winner, we will come.

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Jonathan IS AT IT AGAIN? I am getting such a headache.

Posted by Dug on December 14, 2006

This is very interesting. The Mark Foley scandal is the Democrats fault. Wow! Jonathan has posted another of his amazing works blaming Democrats for the downfall of the Republican party. I am going to leave out how the report he cites also blames Republicans because they were afraid of scandal. I am also not going to point out how politics is a dirty game and holding damaging information until it will benefit you the most (again, there is no proof that Democrats did this, though there is plenty to prove Republicans minimized the issue) is a trick Democrats learned from Republicans. Don’t cry when your tactics are used against you.

    Democrats to blame for Foley Scandal

    Rush was right. Yet again, he called it. The Democrats are responsible for the Mark Foley scandal because rather than reporting his misbehavior to the authorities, they sat on it until they could get it published for maximum damage.

    Had they done the right thing and reported Mark Foley’s behavior, this would have never been blown out of proportion. Yet they did not, and so they are to blame.

    Read more.

    By the way, those of you who believed democrats knew nothing about this until September 2006, you were lied to–by democrats.

    Reason #7,594,325 to never vote democrat again: They value politics over pages.

The Republican leadership did nothing. They are to blame. They controlled congress, though that is ending early next month, and they were desperate to stay in power.

Those of you who believe Jonathan’s angle here, are just as ill informed as he is.

I only need ONE reason to never vote Republican again (actually, I never have): George W. Bush.

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Posted by Dug on December 13, 2006

I just love the fellows over at (un) SoundPolitics.com and Jonathan Gardner who posts as the Federal Way Conservative.

This morning I was reading a post at Jonathan’s blog. I found it to be very funny and then very sad. I imagine he is a very bitter, hen-pecked, little man. In any event, I could not let his post go unchallenged. (The inspiration for this I have admittedly stolen borrowed from Carl Ballard at EFFin’ Unsound.com). I have become a fan of his after stumbling onto his very funny, very irreverent, mocking and intelligent blog. So, with apologies here we go…..

Let’s begin: WTF does this mean? What mistakes is he talking about? What fallacies?

    As a student of Physics, I learned a few things about what science really is. It is not what the vast majority of people think it is. There are several fallacies that people adopt, without considering their implications. Science is the practice of trying very hard not to make these same mistakes.

Honest to God, this is his next sentence. One minute he is talking about Physics and science and fallacies. I think he is talking about mocking being a fallacy of science, maybe it becomes clearer later on?

    The one I wish to address is the mocking of that which they refuse to understand.

Nope, not any clearer. But somehow he is actually going to compare Galileo with Bush and Iraq. Suggesting that critics who came much later and proved Galileo wrong are to be compared with future critics who will prove Bush right? I mean it looks intelligent, but it is not passing the smell test.

    Galileo met a fair number of critics to his ideas. Galileo was, of course, wrong about everything. The planets didn’t move in a circle and his equations were only neat estimates of a very messy reality. The only critics that were correct were those who came much after his time and questioned his assumptions methodically, reasoning about their implications, and replacing them with something more sound.

Now we get to the heart of the logical argument where all reason has been cast aside and political ideology has taken over. I am sure Bush will not be thought any more the fool in the future than he is right now. (Jonathan: The second sentence of the following paragraph has no meaning.) As for “another world war”? You might be right about this, but, not in the way you think. More likely it will be the entire world against us.

    I imagine some of his critics discarded his theories because it just seemed so silly. Maybe they entertained his writing with their reading because it was good for a laugh.

    Of course, nowadays nobody would take Galileo for a fool, even though he was wrong.

    Today we stand in the middle of yet another world war. The battle lines are drawn by our enemies, they have assaulted us at every opportunity, and are busy manufacturing the weapons and training the troops for the next assault.

This next pair of paragraphs exposes Jonathan for what he really is. An emotional reactionary, who is prepared to send others to fight a battle that only and a few wingnuts see. He is not prepared to go, it is much easier to send the sons and daughters of others. What a confused asshole! And coward.

    People who see this and point it out are mocked openly. For some reason the idea of a third world country securing a nuclear weapon, transporting it covertly to the United States, and successfully detonating it, killing millions of Americans seem silly. The idea of religious fundamentalists half a world away secretly plotting our torture and death seems absurdly composed by the frenzied mind of an equally psycopathic dictator here at home.

    Remember that Churchill was mocked and laughed at. Remember that Lincoln endured his fair share of scorn as well. Every great leader, pointing out the way to go has been laughed at at some point in their careers. It goes with the game.

Lets compare pianos and Christmas wrapping paper. First my, confused friend, it is D-R-E-D Scott and he is rolling over in his grave at the comparisson you are making. Second, we mock you because because you are a moron and because you are such an easy target. Did I mention you are an asshole too?

    Just be careful not to get caught up in that crowd mentality. It was the crowd who murdered Galileo for his work. It was the crowd who praised the supreme court for the Dread Scott allowing slavery everywhere. It was the crowd who hailed “peace in our time” as Chamberlain returned from Germany. It is the same crowd who mocks those who see the danger and point it out for what it is. And I did consider your argument. I considered it, compared it to the facts and determined you are full of shit. Crowd mentality. Do you mean how the administration whipped the country into a frenzy about terrorists and Islamofascists? Pot, kettle, black!

    The problem with those who mock is that they don’t even consider that their opponent may be right. They don’t analyze their statements, their suppositions, their premises, or the logical steps taken to get from point A to point B. If they do, and find it inarguable, they refuse to attack the presumptions or logical steps and instead resort to other logical fallacies to expose it as weak.

Carefully laid out strategic goals and a plan? What fucking plan? That is the whole problem here. There was no plan for containment, control and rebuilding. NONE. We did not morph him into a monkey. We did not have to. He did that all by himself. Can you say 28% approval rating? And dropping faster than a speeding bullet. No WMD, no connection to the events of September 11. This is called lying. He is therefore a liar. His military record is suspect at best. And as for stupid, well I rest my case.

Look dumbass, here you prove my argument and disprove yours. Thank you. Your whole argument is we are there, he lied to get us there and now to save face, we can’t leave. There is no war to be won. There are lives to save and country to leave that does not want us there. It is a civil war. Open your eyes, read something besides Bill-O and Flush Flimbaugh.

    Rather than get distracted, it is critical to examine the arguments for what they are. President Bush may be a liar, stupid, or a draft-dodger, or a combination of those, let’s suppose. President Bush may be evil, a dictator, or even the descendent of an ape. Yet, this does nothing to refute his argument on why we need to fight Islamofascism in Baghdad, or why we can’t withdraw without complete victory, or why sending more troops right now won’t help us win the war any earlier. His argument, in the mouth of his attackers, is thus strengthened, having no weakness to attack, no flaw to expose, no error to discuss.

You are calling for war. Oh, God, take me now. Under which made up pretense do you wish to wage war on the leadership of Iran? War kills civilians too. You do not stand correct. You are sitting there in your comfortable house, with lights and electricity, pontificating on something know absolutly nothing about. Has Iran attacked us? Are you just still mad over the 1970’s hostage thing? Are you just typing to see your own byline?

    In the same way, when I call for war on the Iranian leadership, and I am met with comments about how I should wear adult diapers, I am led to believe that my opponents don’t have anything to argue with, and thus I stand correct. I will remain correct until anyone is able to expose the flaw of my arguments.

I know you wanted a cogent argument without name calling, but in my defense, I did keep it to a minimum. You dumb, fucking imbecile.

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Bush: Worst. President. Ever.

Posted by Dug on December 12, 2006

Well, Smirky McFlightsuit is at it again. Going through the motions of talking to retired generals about the situation in Iraq. While they are talking though, he is probably still trying to figure out how he choked on that pretzel a couple of years back.

He won’t listen. He forgets that the ultimate “DECIDER” in America is the voting public. We decided we don’t like the way the country is being run. So, we elected Democrats. Mr. Bush has decided we meant everyone but him. His approval rating is now under 30%. The good news is that it can’t fall much farther.

If American soldiers were not being killed on a daily basis, I would like nothing more than for this president to continue his “stay the course” direction. His course is about to destroy what is left of the Republican party. (Not much left after the likes of DeLay, Foley, Cunningham and Frist). However this president is needlessly sacraficing soldiers lives to further his agenda. His ego simply will not allow him to admit he was wrong and to back out.

It is a shame the country will have to live with the fallout from this for years to come. I heard that Bush was concerned about his legacy and talked to some staffers about the subject.

My question:

What legacy?

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Post Number 1

Posted by Dug on December 12, 2006

Anouncing my new blog. Here I will place my thoughts and opinions. I will make the rules. I will try not to censor the comments (if there are any) but I don’t suffer fools and/or idiots gladly. Make a stupid comment and you will get your ass kicked.

I have cardiomyopathy and the outlook is worsening. It is just a fact. Don’t feel sorry for me, just understand that I value my time here and will be brutally honest. In a way, this disease has set me free. I am no longer terrified of dying, rather, I am just not looking forward to it. There are not many more meds for me to take and I am undecided at this time about allowing a heart transplant.

Anyway, this is it. My new blog. Happy reading.

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