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The Rules


The rules are mine. Too many rules are not good, no rules would be worse.

If you do not like the rules, don’t comment here. If you choose to comment here, know that I will do my best not to censor anyone. When a rule does not cover something, I will be the “DECIDER“. (I always wanted to say that).

I love parody, comic comment, thoughtful response and emotional response. Feel free to use your imagination and post away.

1. I can be profane. So can you. Here is one example of an allowable comment: “Fuck you. You are the dumbest asshole I have ever run across”. Here is an example of a post that I would most likely delete: “I’d like to fuck her p***y”. Get the difference? One is rude. Rude is not a crime. The other is just completly inappropriate for this blog. If you want to comment in this manner, create your own fucking blog.

2. No threatening others with physical harm. The only exception is if you reference Ann Coulter and her various statements advocating the killing and maiming of liberals. You may only reference a group and not an individual if you choose to do this. Example: “All WingNuts, who believe that the war in Iraq is being won, should be lined up and shot for being stupid” is perfectly acceptable. Example of a comment that is not allowed: “WingNutLover (posters name), I am going to kick your ass”.

3. I reserve the right to delete any post. I also reserve the right to assume any comment left here belongs to me. I can repost it to my hearts content anywhere I wish, for profit or for free.

4. I will allow links to your personal blog site. I will delete any post that links to ANY commercial site.

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