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Posted by Dug on December 19, 2006

The Washington Post is reporting that Bush wants to increase the size of the military “to meet the challenges of a long-term global war against terrorists…”. The article goes on to say that our military leaders are concerned that the forces we have are stretched too thin right now.

How much more will we be expected to swallow of this president’s bullshit? If we are stretched thin right now, what happens if Korea or Iran or China decide that now is the time to battle the America? We don’t have enough troops to protect our mainland and we will be forced to use, or threaten to use, nuclear weapons. All of our technology advantage is negated by the sheer volume of forces we would be up against.

It will take years according the article to raise troop levels. Do we have years? Or has this president proven to the world that we have no clue when it comes to war?

The time has come for the new Congress to examine the funding for this ill conceived venture and to tell the president something he needed to hear a long time ago……NO MORE!

I will have more on this issue later, but I wanted (egotistically, according to George Will) something up now.


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